Discover Gemini

At Planet Computers, we are passionate about typing, writing, being productive and creating on the go.

Since the introduction of touchscreen mobile phones and tablets, we felt that it is very difficult to type on these types of devices. On-screen keyboards often take up more than half the readable screen. We want to get back to typing on a fully tactile keyboard whilst being able to view the entire screen. All this on a device no larger than most modern mobile phones.

We decided to re-invent the palm-sized keyboard mobile device that will benefit many, who we think are missing using the keyboard on the move. From bloggers and creatives that need to constantly write, to professionals who need to read and write e-mail, create and edit documents and spreadsheets.

Quick Facts

  • Gemini is an integrated keyboard mobile device that fits in your pocket
  • It features an ultra-thin metal clamshell design with a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • Designed for Android, it also features a dual boot Linux option
  • 4G & WiFi and WiFi only models are available – enabling both data communications and mobile phone calls
  • The large ultra-wide touchscreen and double-sized battery provide optimal usability and portability


  • Two weeks of stand-by time / 12 hours of talk time
  • Fully tactile keyboard – recognised as the smallest keyboard for finger touch typing
  • Measure: 17.1 cm x 8.0 cm x 1.35 cm
  • 5.7” colour hi-res ultra-wide touch screen
  • Wifi & WiFi+4G mobile options
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Dual side mounted speakers
  • Dual USB-C connectors to connect to keyboards, external screens, mice, charging cables as needed and many more.
  • Integrated Voice Assist button
  • SD card slot (covered)


Gemini is powered by the latest Android OS, supporting all your favourite applications. A number of key applications will also be optimised for the landscape screen and physical keyboard.

Gemini will also support Linux as a secondary boot option which provides Linux users with the rich set of Open Source applications.

The software also supports voice recognition using the integrated Voice Assist smart button located on the right hand side of Gemini. You can interact with Gemini using voice commands, even when it is closed in your pocket.

About Planet Computers

Planet Computers is a mobile device startup from London passionate about mobile computing and typing on the go. The core team consists of manufacturing, operations and technical programming experts with over 100 years of combined delivery experience.